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Customized PRDC control and prevention strategies

The ResPig Management System is a web based platform that identifies areas of improvement, cost and potential outcomes of PRDC control and prevention strategies specific to a farm's needs.

Improved Health and Execution = Economic Success

  Farm Audits
Includes herd specific management, health and technical assessments.

 SlaughterCheck Analysis
Provides analysis of respiratory disease severity (pneumonia, pleuritis, rhinitis) at slaughter.
  Economic Simulation
Calculates benefit:cost based on intervention strategies and farm performance.

  Information Resources
Access to detailed information on PRDC and associated disease pathogens, including information about MSD Animal Health respiratory vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

ResPig lets you:

  • Model and review options to enhance PRDC prevention and control
  • Audit your on-farm management and animal health processes
  • Evaluate possible interventions and their benefit:cost ratio
  • Receive customized farm-level recommendations and action plans
  • Set targets and monitor progress

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